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Female Shark in Seoul Aquarium Eats Male Shark Because He Kept Bumping Into Her

In what was probably a territory
war at a Seoul aquarium, a female sand tiger shark has consumed a male banded
hound shark. It took the 8-year-old female 21 hours to consume the 5-year-old
male inside a tank at the COEX Aquarium.


According to video of the eating,
the female shark started with the male's head and gradually went about eating
the rest of his body. This act of shark cannibalism possibly was the consequence
of the sharks bumping into one another.

“Sharks have their own
territories,” an aquarium official told Reuters.
“Sometimes, when they bump into each other, they bite out of astonishment.”

Although her best efforts to
make a meal of the male shark, the female shark is expected to at some point
regurgitate the remains of her former roommate.

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