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Teenager Wins $400,000 For His Brilliant Video Explaining Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

Ryan Chester of North Royalton, Ohio, submitted a film for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (BTJC), which encourages teenagers aged thirteen to eighteen (13-18) to share their interest and passion for math and science with the rest of the world.

The video can be seen at the bottom.

Ryan Chester not only authored the script for his video, but he also recorded, edited, and designed all of the visual effects and motion graphics. In total, he received $400,000, $250,000 of which will go toward a scholarship, $50,000 to his best teacher, Richard Nestoff, and $100,000 to his school to help construct a scientific lab. Cool!

I'll let Ryan explain the highly complicated but beautiful link between the speed of light and time dilation in his excellent movie below, but all I can say is that you'll feel very, very smart after watching it.

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