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Mysterious Alien Signals Found to Repeat on a Regular 16-Day Cycle

There's something in deep space that is sending out a signal to Earth in a continuous sixteen-day cycle.

We’ve just found out that a series of complex alien signals coming from space are not as random as we initially thought. A new study revealed an FRB source located around half a billion light-years from Earth pulses, ominously, on a regular and consistent 16-day cycle.

Is this the ultimate alien message we’ve been waiting for? According to experts, a mysterious alien signal has been found to repeat on a sixteen-day cycle cautiously.

Fast Radio Bursts are among the most mysterious cosmic phenomenon discovered in the twenty-first century. We’ve only started to study and understand the signals and are still trying to figure out what causes them and their exact source.

Some have suggested FRBs are a natural, cosmic phenomenon, while others have dared to say that FRBs could be the ultimate alien evidence we have all been looking for.

VICE recently reported a new study led by Cornell University scientists had identified a strange Fast Radio Bursts located approximately half-a-billion light-years from Earth. This strange alien signal has been found to pulse regularly in a 16-day cycle.

This means that Cornell University scientists have revealed that it is the first FRB discovered on a repeating schedule.

“We conclude that this is the first detected periodicity of any kind in an FRB source,” the team revealed in a paper published on the preprint server arXiv in late January.

“The discovery of a 16.35-day periodicity in a repeating FRB source is an important clue to the nature of this object.”


This is the first FRB identified by astronomers, dubbed the Lorimer Burst. Lorimer described it in 2007. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Between September of 2018 and October of 1029. the researchers have studied as many as 28 FRBs that have been identified by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB), a state-of-the-art radio telescope located in British Columbia, Canada.

Although the repeating signal is as strange as it gets, it doesn’t necessarily mean its aliens. However, there are a few theories that could explain what causes the repeating cycle.

One explanation is that the signal could originate from an orbiting object, which only sends out a signal at a certain point in the orbit. Another theory is that the repeating cycle originates from a binary star comprised of a massive star and a highly magnetized star.

Another option, as revealed by VICE, is that if the FRB source is orbiting a compact object, like a Black Hole, then it might flash signals towards Earth only at a certain point in the orbital period.

Interestingly, a group of astronomers recently tracked down this particular FRB to a galaxy dubbed  SDSS J015800.28+654253.0. Although it is located half a billion light-years from Earth and may seem behemoth distance, the signal dubbed FRB 180916.J0158+65 is the closest Fast Radio Burst ever detected by astronomers.

Despite knowing where it is, we have absolutely no idea what it is.

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