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The Fourth Dimension Incredibly Explained By A High School Student

It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea of the fourth dimension.

Theoretical physicists think that there may be more dimensions than we can see, and the fourth dimension is one of them. It is an assumed dimension of space that is different from length, area, and volume.

So, we already know that we can’t see or feel this fourth dimension. Researchers have also tried to explain time travel through the fourth dimension, but it still seems like a story. What’s the point of knowing about the fourth dimension if we can’t use it to travel through time and we can’t even see it? Mathematicians and physicists need to understand these higher dimensions because it helps them understand how the world works. For example, string theory can only work if there are at least 10 dimensions [source: Groleau]. For these scientists, the answers to hard problems in the three-dimensional world may be in the next dimension and beyond.

Even though the fourth dimension is a hard subject and hard to understand, this amazing High School student does a great job of explaining it.

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